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Blue Ray Players Audio Component Reviews / Digital Source Reviews

Sony: UHPH1

Manufacturer homepage: http://www.sony.com

Manufacturer: Sony

Year of make: 2016

Price range: 300-600 USD

Brief description:
Universal disc player/Streamer

General rating: 5.1 / 6 out of 1 reviews
(1 review)
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Sony: UHPH1 ~ Review

Print Witchdoctor (Member), feb 11, 2017

Sound quality, video quality, number of features

Non detachable power cord

Detailed description:

I can't believe what Sony delivered in this player. First of all a great DAC for music. I stream from the PC to the UHPH1 using Jamcast and bypass the need for USB. Compared to the DAC in my Marantz 7702 processor this sounds more open and closer to vinyl. If I only used this player as a DAC it would be well worth the $300 investment. Then you add the streaming ability. It has a lot of apps and I can stream Amazon video, Hulu, YouTube, Vudu, Spotify etc. The VQ is excellent and the player can upscale to 4K (but does not play 4K discs) and 3D. I have a 3D projector (but not 4K) and both the upscaling and native 3D are excellent. The player can decode BRD or send a bitstream to your processor.  I let the player decode unless it is an Atmos or Auro 3D disc. This machine also does gaming. I got a wireless controller and a Sony Playstion online subscription with access to 250 games. I have not tried SACD's or DVD-A yet but will soon. I don't think I ever received better value for a purchase, this machine costs less than one of my cables! Highly recommended.

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