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Erzetich Audio: Bacillus

Manufacturer homepage: http://www.erzetich-audio.com

Manufacturer: Erzetich Audio

Year of make: 2015

Price range: 300-600 USD

Brief description:
Although Bacillus is an entry level headphone amplifier in our program, it is already very capable, with a powerful crystal clear sound - an audiophile grade precision headphone amplifier.

It is designed to meet the needs of any music and good-sound lover. For its small, compact and robust chasis it is also very useful as a portable monitor when you need more power in your headphones. This makes it a great tool for the sound professionals on the road, like DJs, musicians, sound engineers, etc.

Manufacturer email: info@erzetich-audio.com

General rating: 0.0 / 6 out of 0 reviews
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