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Audio Magazine Reviews

Magazines Audio Magazine Reviews


Magazine type: Print

Homepage: http://www.stereophile.com/

Audio category: HIEND

Language: English

Brief description:
The oldest underground magazine at the time started by J.H. Holt in mid 60 decribing the sounbd with words and not numbers.

General rating: 4.7 / 6 out of 1 reviews
(1 review)
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Stereophile ~ Review

Print Spinner (Advisor), nov 29, 2012

One of the oldest magazines which describes sound in words, not with numbers.
There is plenty to read.

New companies does not enter this magazine easy.

Detailed description:

magazine covers hiend, affordable hifi, records, music, shows, records.

User rating:
5.0 / 6
4.0 / 6
5.0 / 6