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Published on: mar 31, 2014

Member: Spinner

Many years ago was in audio magazines published article about one person who just by looking on the grooves of record  could identify every piece of classical music. They conduct blind tests and this person never failed.

Now there is another person according to Golf magazine who can identify which type of golf ball was hit by golf club.  Company,  model of the ball and which club was used: irons, woods,……

Then they record various hits with various balls and this person was listening to recording. Identification dropped from 100% to only 37%. They use  studio recording and playback  was done in studio on high quality monitors. But low results surprised everybody.  Then someone came with idea- lets use portable analogu tape recorder  to record ball hits.

When played in studio again , results shocked everybody. Person identify 98% of all hits when played via analogue tape.

I presume that  most of you work it out that it was April's fouls joke!