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Monarchy Audio: DIP Combo

Manufacturer homepage: http://www.monarchyaudio.com

Manufacturer: Monarchy Audio

Year of make: 2012

Price range: 300-600 USD

Brief description:
The DIP Combo is a combination of the Monarchy Audio DIP Classic (44.1 kHz) and Upsampler (96 kHz) in one package. It provides precision clocks enhance performance, format change: from RCA to XLR, from optical digital to coaxial digital, etc. It comes with ground isolation (from hum and noise), signal boosting (to five times higher), and balanced inputs and outputs. The DIP Combo is a unique external digital word clock, that allows front panel switching between 44.1 kHz or 96 kHz (instant up sampling) and provides ultimate signal conditioning (jitter reduction) and has an auto mute. The DIP Combo is not to be confused with a DAC or preamp.

Manufacturer email: monarchy@earthlink.net

General rating: 5.6 / 6 out of 1 reviews
(1 review)
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Monarchy Audio: DIP Combo ~ Review

Print Yoder (Member), Apr 14, 2014

A great digital upgrade for minimal costs. The DIP Combo has done more for my digital system than any other component, even those costing far more. Its jitter reduction is amazing and will improve any system. For the cost of many high-end power cords this is by far the best enhancement one could purchase.

The switch is very fragile and must be treated with respect. Would like to see a little heftier power cord. Would like to see a black version.

Detailed description:

Plugged and played after one hour break-in. The overall improvements in sound took my breath away. Literally.

Due to the large amount of positive feebacks for DIP, I thought I was ready for this. I was wrong. The change in soundstage depth is simply awsome, voices seem to come out from nowhere. And the increased air, lots of air, among instruments really makes the musical message shine in each and every subtle nuance.

I don't know how much break-in time is mandatory for DIP's best performance, anyway, as far as I'm Concerned, I feel myself in heaven just after a few hours of use. My cd player is Musical Fidelity A1 CD Pro used as transport paired with Audio Research DAC 2. Not quite a budget player and a well renowned converter. Well, DIP has raised the bar though. And it did it significantly and magnificently.

For sure one of the best buy in all my audiophile life.

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