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CD and LP com

Url address: http://www.cdandlp.com/

Primary language: English

Alternative languages: German

Brief description:
On Line music marketplace.

General rating: 5.0 / 6 out of 1 reviews
(1 review)
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CD and LP com ~ Review

Print Rob (Member), jul 5, 2016
User's audio system: 1) B&W 202s, HK 3250, Project turntable 2) B&W DM14s, Akai AM-2600, Dual 1218

they don't release the funds to the seller until you are satisfied with your order.

they did nothing when I filed a complaint and even pulled the seller feedback that I posted on their site.

Detailed description:

I had a simply horrible experience buying from a seller on this site. The LPs that I received from Yorklyn records were in such poor condition that I wouldn't even play them on my turntable. I asked lots of questions and they outright lied about the condition of the items. I filed a complaint with Cdandlp asking for their help but they were nowhere to be found. Finally after the matter was resolved (with no help from Cdandlp) I got around to leaving my feedback. Out of the blue I get this email from Cdandlp to let me that they had pulled my comments from their site! I can't for the life of me understand why they would be trying to protect the seller. I even sent them pictures of the items in question which really were in terrible condition. Not worth the trouble to use this site .... many better options out there. Be warned. Stay away from Cdandlp and especially from Yorklyn records! Take a look at the pics below.  Aparrently this is what VG++  / Excellent looks like to this seller!

User rating:
5.0 / 6
5.0 / 6