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Complaints and Testimonials

Audio Components ( Manufacturers) Complaints and Testimonials


Published on: sep 16, 2016

Member: Gt3RS

Subject: Apple "Air Pods"

Brief Description:
This is a quote from the official description of how the new Apple Air Pods will sound:
"AirPods provide rich, high-quality AAC audio." (as written on the Apple web site once you opted to "learn more"...)
First and foremost, there is no such thing as a "rich, high-quality AAC audio". Why? Because AAC sounds marginally better (if at all) than the MP3 file format. And, that, at its best is (almost) as good as the best AM radio (remember that?). Apple Lossless would be something else...
Further, while watching the keynote last Thursday, it became conspicuously evident that there would be no mention of how has the wireless communication between the new AirPods and the iPhone been dealt with. And, as it transpired, for a very good reason. Only looking into technical specification of the new AirPods reveals that Bluetooth is in action again! And, as everyone who chooses to know very well knows, there is no "rich, high quality" sound through Bluetooth. Not even remotely! If, perhaps, it was one of the adopted WIFI standards, that would be something else...
Bluetooth and AAC are a match made in heaven and will continue to keep millions happy playing back their MP3 encoded music which does not offer much more than unresolving unarticulated noise, possibly capable of stirring the reserves of earwax inside one's ears if loud enough. Sadly, this will not help anyone enjoy a true high quality playback of one's favourite music from your iPhones or iPads which is so easy to do, All you need is Apple Losless, AIFF or similar and a pair of (wired) quality on-ear or in-ear transducers. Oh, and it remains to be heard how good the sound will be once the 3.5mm/Lightning dongle is in use...
Apple never really or truly supported genuine high quality music playback in spite of claiming occasionally to the contrary. Which is a shame if you think how advanced and accomplished a number of their computing solutions have been on a regular basis.
If all the above is as it is, how can anyone be surprised that true quality and high-end audio components have become of marginal interest to most nowadays. Unless, of course, the creations in question are of irrationally high cost, sufficient to intrigue those with infinite wealth in certain parts of our world?
BTW, when does that "last bus for the coast the day the music died" leave? ;)