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Musical Fidelity: A308

Manufacturer homepage: http://www.musical-fidelity.co.uk/

Manufacturer: Musical Fidelity

Year of make: 2003

Price range: 2400-5000 USD

Brief description:
A dual mono design of integrated amplifier from MF. Easy to use and presence of HT bypass to integrate it with the A/V receiver. Very good build.

General rating: 4.4 / 6 out of 1 reviews
(1 review)
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Musical Fidelity: A308 ~ Review

Print Delfinus (Member), nov 24, 2015

Excellent build, dual mono, dual speaker connectors, HT bypass which is very easy to use.

It can happen that you will have a bit slim sound more towards the cold side, remote control is not of a good quality so it calls to use something else

Detailed description:

Construction of the amplifier is really top notch. It is built like a tank. There is barely any heat produced while it is in use so no problem even to tuck it somewhere. I used it for a couple of years with various speakers and I would say that I was satisfied. But while comparing with some other e.g. Gryphon (Tabu, Callisto, Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite) I would say that it was a bit dry and did not have that final push that would give you the pure musical enjoyment. But still I can say that there are much more modern pieces that are even higher priced and it surpassed them with great margin.

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