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HIFIADVISOR web site is dedicated to everybody from around the world who is interested in good music reproduction. You can submit reviews related to audio reproduction of music, share your opinion or simply look for information and collect opinions about related topic from all around the world. More...

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Audio Show and Event Reviews MMS 2015

Country: Slovenia

City: Ljubljana

Start: 2015-10-9

End: 2015-10-11

(1 review)
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Most reviewed components

Turntables Audio Component Reviews / Analog Source Reviews Kuzma: Stabi Ref

Year of make: 1992

Price range: 7500-15.000 USD

(3 reviews)
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Preamplifiers Audio Component Reviews / Amplifier Reviews Conrad-Johnson: GAT

Year of make: 2011

Price range: 15.000-30.000 USD

(2 reviews)
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Cartridges Audio Component Reviews / Analog Source Reviews Benz: LPS

Year of make: 2012

Price range: 2400-5000 USD

(2 reviews)
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